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Where attention goes, energy flows and results show!

Are you hiding the best version of yourself under fatigue, self-doubt, stress and anxiety? Are you looking for practical and actionable strategies to unlock confidence, ease, balanced and sustainable healthy practices and more? Then this program is for you!

I hand select clients to participate with my 6 week Wellness Accelerator program and this is your chance to join! This Accelerator is your safe space to start, sustain or grow your self care practice. This is your time to invest in you!

What is the Living Lightly Lifestyle Wellness Accelerator Program?

It is a comprehensive, 1:1 integrative 6 week wellness program to restore harmony and empower both body and spirit. Through a variety of healing modalities such as gentle yoga, voice alchemy, mediation, sound healing, aromatherapy and even forest bathing we will enhance the life you are living, reduce stress, fatigue and pain.

Why should you participate with the Living Lightly Lifestyle Wellness Accelerator Program?

  • You deserve freedom from suffering and pain. 
  • You have earned the right to peace and greater abundance. 
  • You have the power to increase the quality of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. 
  • You will never go broke investing in yourself.


How will you benefit from the Living Lightly Lifestyle Wellness Accelerator Program?

  • Improve your ability to manage stress
  • Increase sleep quality 
  • Improve focus ability 
  • Develop stillness competence 

All of these benefits will be received through sensitive communication and personalized attention based on your healing needs.  You will transform your body, mind and spirit as my primary objective is to treat "the whole body".

What is Included in the Living Lightly Lifestyle Wellness Accelerator?

  • Six 1:1 60 minute body movement sessions to enhance your personal practice. Choose from Gentle or Chair Yoga, Vinyasa, Theraputic or any other style.
  • Six 1:1 30 minute wellness coaching sessions to boost your internal competency and confidence so you can live your very best life possible.
  • One 60 minute body work treatment session to relax and restore your body and spirit. Choose from Reiki, Chakra Energy Healing, Sound Healing or Voice Alchemy.
  • Unlimited FREE admittance to Living Lightly Lifestyle yoga workshops and seminars during your 6 week cycle (some restrictions may apply).
  • 10% off aseede retail products during your 6 week cycle.

Living Lightly Lifestyle Wellness Accelerator Testimonials 

"I was too self conscious to participate with group yoga classes and I didn't know enough to practice at-home without hurting myself. Tiffany taught me more than I ever thought I could

learn or accomplish in such a short time." ~ Jan, 56 Mother with 2 adult children

"I wanted to work with Tiffany because I trusted her. She's a mom and she understands my unique needs. I was over worked, exhausted and I needed to invest in myself. Tiffany helped me push my reset button and find my voice again." ~Carolyn, 44 Wife with 3 kids

"Initially had no interest in yoga; I simply wanted to feel better. I wasn't sleeping well, I hated the idea of dieting and I avoided the gym because I didn't want to deal with failure. Tiffany was kind, compassionate and helped me develop at my own pace." ~Brian, 38 Accountant

Wellness Investment

$699 ($1350 value, 50% savings!)