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Tiffany Wilburn Cleveland Yoga


Feel Better Instantly 

My name is Tiffany, and I want to help you breathe easy and worry less.

I want to help you feel better — to help you let go of that physical tension you’ve been carrying around for months. I use a gentle combination of nature-based aromatherapy and yoga to renew, refresh, and re-inspire my clients. With accessible, restorative yoga, I can help you improve your sleep, reduce your stress, and release neck, shoulder, and back tension. I know you’re probably a very busy person. That’s why aseede and livinglightlylifestyle are designed to work for people of all skill levels. Whether you do yoga once a month or once a day, my services can help you heal. 

Why Me 

My personal practice of yoga spans fifteen years, four continents and numerous gurus. Through it all, I’ve learned powerful techniques that can apply to anyone. I practice a unique combination of plant-based scent therapy, accessible yoga, and a variety of other healing and relaxing techniques from all over the globe. I promise that you will come away from your session deeply relaxed. 

A Seed of Inspiration 

My love for healing others and teaching yoga shines through in each individual appointment. My goal is to plant a seed of inspiration in you. As that seed blooms, you will recognize your own strength, uniqueness, and power. 

Let’s help you heal today.